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Pinhook is deploying its cash into profitable assets and looking for new partners! We are truly passionate about connecting individual investors with growth industries that are doing good work for humanity and its surroundings. We firmly believe that such an approach is not only compatible with, but vital to, exceptional long-term investment returns in the 21st century. To demonstrate our commitment to this approach, and our confidence in success, we’ve adopted a
“first in, last out” policy, pledged $100K in personal collateral to reduce risk to principal, and are guaranteeing a 3-year minimum total return of 30% for all new members joining in 2017 with returns payable in 2020.
Investment Thesis
Our thesis is that emerging 21st century energy technology is currently undervalued, under-
capitalized, and laden with exaggerated risk factors. Carefully selected investments in assets that 
improve the production, storage, transmission, and efficient consumption of energy are our focus, and we aim to benefit industry (via deployment of capital) and our members (by capitalizing on current price distortions). Our primary asset classes are 1) renewable energy equities, and 2) redeveloped real property that attracts long-term quality tenants by showcasing this technology, reducing living costs, as well as stabilizing our portfolio and reducing volatility.

Opportunities and Strategy
Pinhook began acquiring assets in the wake of the 2016 election, when we identified select renewable energy production equities as plagued by overstated policy risk. As more informed investors and large institutions recognize this buying opportunity, we forecast first-year returns
of 20-30% on our initial purchases. These returns will feed into a real estate acquisition pipeline
in Madison County, AL, where strong job growth and low prices are feeding a redevelopment boom in residences, mixed-use facilities, and other niches, with room for price and rent growth.
Financial Performance Goals
The company's goal is to double initial equity from 2017 through 2019 and achieve a 3-year yield on cost of 20%, or $200 annually for each $1000 invested. Success will require continued analysis of market trends, responsible use of leverage, minimized cost of capital, selection of undervalued properties with higher income and appreciation potential, and precise execution of improvements using careful cost control. Our team is fully committed to these goals.
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Pinhook Development LLC., began in 2016 as an equity firm of investors looking to build a strong, environmentally forward-thinking, investment company. 
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